10 Day Yoga Challenge

What is your exercise strategy for 2021?

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10 Day Yoga Challenge

Establish healthy new routines while enjoying 10 days of specially tailored online yoga classes. Choose from gentle or active classes.

With a variety of yoga styles and teachers, practicing daily will leave you feeling energized, refreshed and relaxed. Yoga improves strength, flexibility & focus while reducing stress, calming the mind and inspiring the heart! You might start sleeping deeper, feeling more refreshed when you wake, breathing deeper and staying more active throughout your day. Benefits are felt immediately, during each practice, and culminate over time.

If you are looking to begin or to re-energize your yoga practice, this is the challenge for you! Enrich your life with pro-active wellness.

‚ú®Bonus: Enjoy FREE access to the entire PYO library of over 100+ yoga classes during the 10 day challenge plus 5 additional days free!

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15 Days FREE!

During the 10 day yoga challenge receive FREE access to a full 15 days of Prana Yoga online! Enjoy 100+ yoga classes from beginner to advanced including our Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Series, Chakra Yin series, Chair Yoga, Holistic Flow, and more!